The WHATIF brand was founded, managed and designed by Slovak tattoo artist Samuel Putúček.
When producing the WhatIF – Faces collection, the request was clear

In production, we started with textile material.

The textile fabric was knitted in a knitting workshop specially tailored for WhatIF.

In the production of textile material, we specified the highest possible grammage and yarn quality.

We chose the highest quality cotton yarns and the highest grammage that the knitting machines could knit. Sweat fabric for sweatshirts weighed 500 g per square meter and t-shirt fabric for t-shirts 350 g, which is a weight that no one on the Slovak market specified for knitting.

For crewneck sweatshirts, we knitted extra heavy patent on the sleeve cuffs and collar.

We created the sewing patterns for this collection for the customer according to his requirements.

Samuel Potúček, painted the digital designs of this collection on an iPad.

The next task was printing.

In this case, according to the design, we chose a complex allover print.

The requirement was also harmless ecological water-thinned paints.

We printed the produced textile material with an all-over print and then we cut the parts for production.

When sewing, we used double stitching on the collar, shoulders, bottoms and sleeves, which is the method used for the highest quality garments.

Subsequently, we embroidered the WHATIF logo on the sweatshirts without a hood – crewneck and on the front part and the logo on the sleeve.

The products received satin labels.

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