It always starts with a conversation about what you want and expect in your collection, merch, brand.

We will listen to your visions.


We will talk about what types of clothes you would like to make.

We will talk about the approximate prices for the clothing models and discuss the quantities you would like to produce and the like.


We’ll talk about sewing patterns, for your clothing models, whether you already have some sewing patterns or you need them custom made.

We will listen to your idea of what kind of clothing sewing patterns you would like, show you some references of sewing patterns that you like and discuss exactly what kind of sewing patterns you would like and ideas to make the sewing pattern as ideal as possible.

We can then sketch out the sewing pattern, or we can already start creating a tailor-made sewing pattern for you.


Before the production of the prototype, we will agree on which textile fabric you would like to make your collection and individual models from.

We will show you samples of textile materials, if you choose from the available materials, we will use the material we have in stock, or we will order the textile material for you and we can proceed to the production of the prototype.

If you want a textile fabric for your collection custom-made. We will talk about the possibilities for the production of custom-made textile material, and when we enter the material specification, we can have the material knitted.

Protype, but we can make it from available material.


After agreeing on the cut, tactile material and sewing method, we will make a prototype for you.

We will hand it over to you and you can try it on your models, for the body types for which the models will be designed.

If you wish to make any changes to the prototype, we will incorporate them into the cut or sewing method and sew another sample until you are satisfied with the clothing model.


Before the actual production, we have to stock the desired textile material for your collection.

Also order threads in the color of your collection.

Make labels. And we can start production.


After fine-tuning the prototypes, we will agree on the final textiles and color range for the models.

We will agree on the number of pieces per model, the price, and the expected production time.

And we can get down to manufacturing your collection.

Another services

Other services include, for example, photography of your collection in our studio, or in places chosen by our photographer.

Production of creative product packaging and product packaging.

If you don’t have one and you need an e-shop, we can make one for you.

We can help you with online and offline marketing. Advice and our contacts for fashion shows.

And of course, the development of other products and collections.

We look forward to our cooperation