Production of swimwear

Sewing swimwear

We realize custom sewing of two-piece swimsuits from 50 pieces per model.

During production, you can choose from our cuts, or we will create a tailor-made sewing pattern  according to your requirements.

The price for tailoring two-piece swimsuits sewing pattern is €70 and €20 for each size.

The price for sewing a sample is €60 for a two-piece swimsuit, complete with material and baskets.

The price for a two-piece swimsuit with 50 pieces from the model is €35 per piece – top and bottom.

With 200 pieces from the model, the price is €29 per piece – top and bottom.

The possibility of combining several color versions of fabrics and sizes.

The price is complete, two-piece swimsuit: Material Baskets Cutting Sewing Your custom satin label

The price for printing a logo on a swimsuit is €2 per piece.

Prices are shown without VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us with swimwear production for your brand or merch 🙂