The streetwear segment is our passion.

We focus on creating and co-creating designs for clothes, designing motifs, creating illustrations for clothes, creating sewing patterns, selecting and manufacturing custom textile materials, custom sewing streetwear, printing, screen printing, digital printing, all-over fabric printing, sublimation, embroidery, label production and overall complex creation for your brand, merch, or collection.

We do oversize, overlength, but also classic cuts, or cut variations and experiments.

We can always create a tailor-made cut. We can help you create a design for clothes.

Creation of motifs either by graphic work or by illustrating custom motifs.

We have various high-quality materials for streetwear in our portfolio, or we can design and have custom-made material woven, in the composition, design and color you want.

We can create an all-over print on the fabric and thus create your completely original fabric for your clothes.

We provide all methods of clothing printing and machine as well as hand embroidery on clothing.

We focus on products such as:

      • T-shirts

      • Hoodies

      • Tracksuit

      • Light jackets / Bombers

      • Shorts

      • Cardigans

      • But also various new ideas and combinations of sewing patterns

We produce streetwear clothing from 50 pieces of one model and design.

Do not hesitate to contact us 🙂