A new product that we started to focus on is


We sew barber aprons to measure and in a design exactly tailored for you.

You have the option to choose either from quality materials in color, or we can print the material with your design, or we will create a custom design.

We also offer embroidery on custom aprons. We produce barber aprons: 1. Barbershop – For a barber with a bib with pockets 2. Customer Adult Aprons – To cover customers 3. Customer children’s or women’s aprons – For children’s or women’s cover customers.

We make aprons from one piece in a finished design with your logo, or when tailoring barber aprons from 10 pieces per model.

The price for a barber’s apron for 10 pieces is €24.90 The price for a customer’s adult, women’s and children’s apron for 10 pieces is €29.90

The price includes material, cutting of material, sewing, accessories, logo printing.

When printing your own design on fabric for aprons, the price is + €15 per apron.

Custom aprons for Kris The B:

Prices are shown without VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us with the production of your tailor-made barber aprons for you 🙂